Five solid tips for making the most out of voice technical support services

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Despite the widespread use of email, live chat, and social media, many customers still prefer voice technical support when requesting for assistance. Indeed, a general look at customer service shows that voice remains the most used communication channel as users find it more comfortable hearing a real person at the end of line. Despite this, calling for technical support remains a frustrating experience for potential buyers and current users.

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of phone technical support:  

Jot down important details before calling

This includes product information such as brand names, model numbers, and the serial number of an item as well as the version of a device's operating system, as applicable. It is also useful to note down detailed description of the issue, including specific error messages, cryptic numbers that seem relevant, and possible changes in settings or installation of new software that may have caused the problem.  

Be patient

Patience is indeed a virtue as proven time and again in phone technical support. Be prepared to be put on hold for an available voice technical support agent. At the start of the conversation, wait patiently as the agent accesses various information including user account details, and proper authorization to fix the case, among others. Patience is also required when answering the series of questions an agent may throw at the caller, as these are based on a script designed to facilitate the identification and resolution of issues.

Actively listen and cooperate

Phone technical support is a two-way process. The customer must listen as much as the agent for clarity, and they should be willing to accept any advice given. Go along with the agent's instructions and provide feedback on the progress and results. Customers may be surprised that some issues are caused by seemingly simple factors such as a change in settings and many others.  

Get information for follow-up

Ask for the agent's name, ID number, and ticket number before hanging up. Verify the phone number to call in case of follow-ups, and inquire if there are other numbers for direct service. This information is particularly helpful if the issue has not been fully resolved or reoccurs in the future.  

Ask to talk to other specialists or a supervisor

Occasionally, a voice technical support agent may be difficult to understand or does not seem to have sufficient knowledge on a product or the troubleshooting procedures In cases like these, it is best to request to speak with another agent, or a subject matter specialist. Sometimes, the agents may have limited access to the call center's databases or have little privileges to fully address specific concerns. Here, you may ask to speak to a supervisor.. Avoid hanging up to prevent starting the process all over again.

These tips make technical support calls easier for both technical agents and customers. These are designed to reduce call time, improve productivity of calls, and enhance the overall customer service experience.