Debunking misconceptions about customer service and telemarketing in the Philippines

Friday, July 12, 2013

Telemarketing in the Philippines, or anywhere else for that matter, is a touchy subject at best. Take a peek at the common misconceptions about customer service.

Telemarketing in the Philippines and everywhere else could be a sore subject for both telemarketers and customers alike. Telemarketers have to call an endless number of people just to spread information about and/or sell a product. This is a daunting task at best, as no one appreciates unsolicited calls meant to push you to purchase things you were not intending to buy in the first place.

This being the case, it helps if customers know what telemarketers are going through should they receive calls. Below are some of the misconceptions about customer service in terms of telemarketers.

  • Telemarketers are stalkers.
    "Where did you get my number?" Imagine this phrase in a high-pitched voice and you will understand why most telemarketers are immediately put on a defensive and aggressive stance. To clear this misconception, a team provides the telemarketers with a list of numbers to call. This is referred to as lead generation and qualification, in which prequalified leads mark numbers as most potential customers. These leads are generated from your responses. This could be in the form of surveys and simple conversations with other parties.

  • You are obliged to buy.

    Some people feel pressured to purchase the items being discussed by telemarketers simply to get them off the phone. You don’t have to say you want a Caribbean cruise and be angry when your credit card provider bills you. The argument“I only said yes to get him off the phone!” often does not work as you are held liable for your decisions. Once you say yes, you cannot backtrack and blame the telemarketer once the bill comes in.

  • Hanging up is always the right choice. 
    “No, thank you. I’m not interested.” Hang up. “What is this for? No.” Hang up. This scenario can frustrate even the most determined telemarketer. However, if you’re actually looking to purchase something, hanging up on a telemarketer means you could be missing on great opportunities. 

These are just some of the misconceptions that surround telemarketing in the Philippines. Whatever the case, it would do well for the call recipients to remember that telemarketers are not out to harass them. Rather, telemarketers just want to share good deals.

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