How inbound telemarketing in the Philippines could help enhance customer service

Friday, July 19, 2013

Telemarketing in the Philippines
Telemarketing in the Philippines has always been portrayed as an unnecessary evil: corporations tap telemarketers to spread information about their products while they try to sell the same items to civilians. Yet telemarketing is utilized not just to boost sales cycles, but also to enhance customer retention. Here are some examples of how inbound telemarketing could help your reputation:

  • Widespread information dissemination

    After identifying your target market, your team will then try to establish leads to help telesales personnel make appropriate calls. By spreading word about your products over a wide demographic, your agents will then be able to pinpoint the right potential customers. Doing so would avoid annoying any potential customers who may not be interested in your products. A wider net is cast for you, but you are given the ability to choose which leads to pursue.

  • Instantaneous service

    Customers expect immediate resolution when they air grievances. For this reason, having a dedicated telemarketing team could make the difference between keeping a customer happy and driving away good business. While telemarketers are experts in selling items, they could also be effective in placating an upset customer. This is very beneficial if you work in a highly volatile industry that continues to introduce changes which may or may not be welcome to your existing clients.

  • Having experienced staff on the line

    Similarly, having a telemarketing team is important if you want to roll out a new product or upgrade. While most calls would be from potential clients who are interested in your products, a handful of the calls you’ll get would be from customers who are dissatisfied with your products and would therefore want to downgrade, upgrade their services, or stop enlisting your services altogether. Having experienced telemarketers on the line would help resolve the majority of these issues as they can offer deals with existing clients while responding to inquiries for new subscribers.

Aside from the three reasons mentioned above, telemarketing to the Philippines also offers a host of benefits that could enhance your sales cycles and help influence your success. Most of all, telemarketing coupled with experienced customer service representatives could really establish a reputation for your organization as a company that is committed to providing optimum customer experience.

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