Surviving the recession through positive customer experience

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

positive customer experience
A recent theory explains how positive customer experience would make the difference between tanking or floating during the recession. How feasible is this claim?

The recession

Take a look at the market today. Companies are lowering their prices to level out the game with their competitors. Similarly, some are outsourcing business processes to focus on their strengths and level the playing field. Yet are these the only techniques a company could do to boost its revenue during turbulent economic times? Parkers Executive Chauffeurs begs to differ.

In a fluctuating economic climate that sees a lot of companies closing down, it seems excessive that the demand for a luxury transport company would still be the same. After all, Parkers is known for providing the “best first impressions,” given its high-end, custom-made fleet of luxury cars.

Yet Parkers took the recession as a challenge and improved its game plan. As the firm’s Managing Director Brian Rudd told Bdaily, “During the difficult financial climate of the last few years, our savvy clients have been quick to recognize that when times are tough, looking after valued clients and making them feel like the most important people in the world is vital.”

The importance of positive customer experience

Rudd adds that despite the evident growth experienced by the company since its inception, the firm stuck to its values of paying attention to minute details and delivering “outstanding customer experience.” Indeed, members of the Parkers staff perform their utmost best to project a positive image for the company. Given that the majority of its clients are A-listers and prominent public personalities, the pressure of providing only the best service is crucial.

True enough, the company's reliable service proved to be pivotal in its continued success. Despite its exclusive offerings, Parkers remains on top of the game.

How positive experience helped

A company’s success could also be measured by the satisfaction of its clientele. If the majority of clients are happy, then it goes to show that the company would have more business. In line with this, positive customer experience could promote a more progressive business.