Philippine outsourcing and customer service: Common traits to avoid placing during calls

Monday, July 15, 2013

Philippine Outsourcing

Most business moguls turn to the Philippine outsourcing industry to reap the benefits introduced by the business process. From tapping a highly experienced workforce and producing more output to significantly reducing overhead expenses, outsourcing to the Philippines offers these benefits and more.

Despite the prevalence of customer service in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, many consumers complain about receiving subpar customer support from agents all over the world. It is therefore important for consumers to determine the dos and don’ts when tapping customer service to maximize the chances of their problems being resolved. Here are some common consumer traits to avoid when placing a customer service call:

  • Yelling at an agent – Understandably, many customers may feel frustrated when they have to call customer service. They might take out their frustration on the agents by immediately launching into a heated tirade once the agent introduces himself. While agents are trained to handle scenarios like this, sometimes the customer becomes so flustered that the agent cannot get a word in edgewise. The rule of the thumb for customers is this: try to calm down and explain your problem in an orderly manner so the agent will understand your concerns. This way, the two of you can come to the right resolution.
  • Asking to talk to the supervisor – Some customers do not trust random agents to handle their concerns. Unfortunately, immediately asking to talk to the supervisor may not really be the best course of action. Your best chance of getting your concerns resolved is by talking to an agent trained to address your specific problems. Agents are on the floor for a reason: they are trained to respond to customer needs, whereas supervisors are tasked to supervise these agents.
Of course, the aforementioned traits are only some of those encountered by seasoned agents. Nevertheless, most of the problems could be resolved with the same action: customers should be calm so they could express their problems in a proper manner.

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