Getting started in outsourcing to the Philippines: Choosing the right call center partner

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Outsourced call center industry in the Philippines is booming with an estimated worth of $150 billion dollars. Small, medium-sized, and even international companies, including those belonging in the Fortune 500 list opt to outsource customer service to the Philippines. This is due to low costs and the country's professional, English-speaking workforce.

However, with the multitude of call center companies operating in the Philippines, it now becomes a challenge to find one that caters exactly to your requirements. Here are some key factors to look for when choosing the right call center partner:

  • Compatibility with core business goals
    Define your business goals. Do you aim to increase revenue through sales leads or find a low-cost solution to customer relations management? Keep in mind that not all call center companies are the same: each has its own business expertise. Learn about a company’s specializations and see if these are compatible with your business goals. Also, check the company's prior experience in a similar industry or assess if it is flexible enough to cross and operate to new sectors.

  • Highly trained employees
    Since outsourced employees have a different cultural portrait, meticulous hiring processes as well as regular training and evaluation are essential in ensuring that the agents are up to par. Ensure that the company provides inclusive training and quality assurance programs. Moreover, a good indicator is the retention rate: the higher it is, the more tenured and experienced hires there are.

  • Performance metrics
    Performance metrics say a lot about the company’s efficiency and productivity. Have an open discussion about the potential company’s key performance indicators (KPIs), such as average handling time or customer end satisfaction. Use these parameters to compare call center companies.

  •  State-of-the-art infrastructure
    To provide full BPO services, a call center company must invest in excellent phone systems, secure networks, and other necessary resources to take and monitor calls, among others. Basically, the right company is technologically progressive and invests in up-to-date communication and IT applications.

  • Referrals and feedback
    Does the company have excellent awards for customer service or great reviews from former and current clients? Good feedback is a good indicator of a company’s track record. 

Customer service may improve or jeopardize customer experience. Therefore, your ultimate decision need not based solely on saving costs but also on delivery of outstanding customer-friendly services.