Non-voice, outbound, or inbound: Customer service techniques that work best for you

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Customer Service Solution
Most firms are perplexed about which platform to choose: should they invest on non-voice, outbound, or inbound customer service? While the majority of companies have acknowledged the need for such, some are still unsure of which direction to bring their customer care needs to.

Below is a brief guideline to help you determine which customer service technique would work best for you.

Non-voice customer service

Non-voice customer service is mostly embraced by companies that offer technical support as it is easier to divulge serial numbers and other numeric-based sequences using a keyboard. This encompasses correspondence via a live chat module on your website or through emails. Non-voice customer service agents would then shift the queue and respond to each email or chat session. Tapping a non-voice team to support your voice-based campaigns would ensure that you are accessible across all platforms.

Voice-based customer service

Inbound customer service refers to a typical customer scenario in which customers call your hotline and an agent responds. This usually covers customer requests and inquiries, billing issues, complaints, and other problems with a subscriber’s account. It is the job of inbound agents to rectify any customer issues.

On the other hand, outbound customer service refers to an agent calling existing customers to inquire about their feedback. This is a proactive approach to customer service as it involves having agents call customers before they could file for complaints. This also helps companies establish a baseline on how they could improve their overall services.

The need for call centers

It is important for companies to tap call centers when it comes to providing exemplary customer service functions. Call centers could help companies run campaigns for 24/7, ensuring that their customers will not be left lacking on times that they need support.

Philippine-based call centers such as Open Access BPO offers competitive customer support programs that could cover both non-voice and voice-based campaigns. Furthermore, Open Access can provide customizable services that allow clients to combine services to ensure that they are getting the services they need across all platforms.

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